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Drone inspection

Regular inspections of your turbines and the wind farm are inevitable - these are often expensive, risky and above all expensive. But these problems can be avoided.

Design important inspections with our service solutions and small helpers, the multicopters.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost: Cheap alternative to industrial climbers or cranes
  • Resources: Efficient use of time, less downtime and shorter inspection intervals thanks to an early damage detection
  • Security: risk minimization and improved site safety
  • Documentation: Precise data from all perspectives, digital, high-resolution and always available

Our service for you:

    • Trained drone pilots and expert advice
    • High-quality technology with stable attitude for any weather condition and a protection system that prevents collisions
    • High quality post-processing according to your specifications
    • Organization of regulatory approvals

    Blade inspection

    Cost-effective alternative to the lift or rope technology

    Tower inspection

    Early rust detection and fast and effective assessments

    Construction supervision

    Process optimization and documentation

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