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Technical expertises / Inspections

Periodical inspections

The focus of this assessment lies in the condition and operational safety of the wind turbine. As members of the Advisory Board, we issue a certificate of attestation in addition to the report, which has been agreed with the authorities.

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Technical inspection after commissioning

Commissioning reports are in principle an extended periodical inspection report with ZOP of all installed components with verification of contractual obligations. In addition, it is checked whether technical equipment and the documentation meet the requirements of the approval certificate.

Damage assessment

We have expertise in the following areas: rotor blade damage, bearing damage in the gearbox, main shaft, blade bearings, tower bearings and azimuth drives as well as foundation and electrical infrastructure.

Expert opinions on rotor blades

Rotor blades can be examined in the first step by drone flight for any damage. In the case of a recognizable damage this can be repaired by rope technique or by working platforms.

Value assessments

Based on the Real Estate Valuation Regulation, we determine economic success and risk factors as the basis for a profitable investment.


With endoscopy, a statement about the condition of the transmission of wind turbines can be made. The statements are supported by collected oil samples.


With heat flow thermography, structural defects in rotor blades can be determined. For this purpose, the blade surface is briefly heated, so that a heat front diffuses into the interior of the sheet. If it encounters a bad heat-conducting due to delamination or defective bonding, the surface can not cool down so quickly over this defect and appears in the thermal image as a warmer area.

Factory acceptance test

This report is often a prerequisite for the acceptance of the wind farm from the OEM and at the same time a defect report. It shows the owners the points still to be worked out and serves as a basis for the retention of final payments or contractual retention.

Lifetime extension

We offer the following services on the basis of the "Principles for Conducting an Assessment and Testing on the Continuing Operation of Wind Turbines (BPW) on land:

  • On the basis of the existing documents, a statement is made about a possible continuation of operation of the entire system (analytical part)
  • An examination of the technical condition of the entire system with regard to a possible further operation (practical part)

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