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Lifetime extension of Wind turbines

In the interests of the sustainable use of renewable energies and in the context of cost-effectiveness, operators are aiming for the longest possible life time of wind turbines as co-initiators of the energy transition in Germany and world wide.

For economic reasons, it makes sense to design the wind turbine for a finite period of time. The reference life time for a WEA offshore are usually 20 years. Now the question arises about the actual and the maximum life time of a wind turbine.

It is possible to check or recalculate the results of the first proof of stability on the basis of the operating values.

The plants usually have a reserve in terms of durability, which is mainly the result of the fact that the real load is usually well below the stress assumed for the type test.

Due to this an extension of the useful life is possible!

To achieve the climate protection targets, existing and well-accepted wind turbines should be able to continue operating even after the EEG allowances have expired


Our Offer

We offer the following services on the basis of the "Principles for Conducting an Assessment and Testing on the Continuing Operation of Wind Turbines (BPW) on land:

  • On the basis of the existing documents, a statement is made about a possible continuation of operation of the entire system (analytical part)
  • An examination of the technical condition of the entire system with regard to a possible further operation (practical part)
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